Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Attire :)

Our colors for our wedding are champagne, ivory, gold (maybe), and now recently black.

Caden chose his tux and his groomsmen attire... Caden is going to be wearing an ivory tuxedo with coat tails with a champagne vest and tie and his groomsmen will be in black tuxedos with the same champagne vest and tie. I don't have pictures of these tuxedos, but they look AWESOME!
My bridesmaid dresses are champagne with a black waistband...
My mom and Sue have also chosen some really pretty champagne dresses. Everyone will look very nice. I'm so excited to see everything all come together. It will look great :)

Oh and OF COURSE I have chosen my dress already, but I can't post the picture of that either. It's a surprise! :)

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