Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Susan G. Komen

This past weekend we completed our first 5 K, however we ended up walking it... there was such a big group of us, that that was the easiest way to do it- Also I have not been training much so I do not think I could have ran it :).

It was such an amazing experience doing this and I think it will be something I will do every year. Like I said we had a big group of us that did this 5K. Our group consisted of me, Caden, Paul, Sue, my mom (Kelly), Dave, Kristen, Marlee, Samantha, Kathy and Grandma Marlys. It was so awesome being able to do this walk, but the most awesome part of it was being able to do it with a survivor, Grandma Marlys.

Here are some pictures of the event..

Up bright and early to take the Trax downtown

Caden and Paul

Sue and I

Trying to get a picture of people behind me.. haha You can see Marlee and Kathy

Me and Mom

Paul and Sue

Mine and Caden's Shirts

We finished! Yay

We did it all for Grandma Marlys! Love her so much!!! 
We had such a blast and it was so cool to see so many people join for a great cause!!!!

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