Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So me and Caden have 2 different 5K runs coming up. We wanted to do some last year, but we never really had time to do the training. To be honest, we don't have much time now either, but we signed up anyway. I am also not a big runner, but I want to do something to push myself and get me motivated!

The first run is in May. It is the Susan G. Komen run. Caden's mom, Sue, signed us up. They are doing it at her work. I am actually really excited to do this run. I will be running for my Grandma Marlys who was diagnosed with breast cancer a while back. She is such a fighter and doing awesome right now! I will be so proud to run for her!

Here are some of us girls with her a year ago, we love her so much :) 

The next 5K we will be doing will be in September. This run we are doing with a bunch of people from my work. It is called Man vs. Mud. It's a race in the mud with a ton of obstacles. This is going to be so much fun! Our team name is going to be "The Skid Marks" haha. Except we will have tire marks on our shirts :).

Watch this video of Man Vs. Mud. It looks like a ton of fun :) 

We are pretty excited to take part in these and have something to start training for! 

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