Thursday, July 12, 2012

Arizona Trip #3

So we took a little vacation a couple weeks ago. We went to Arizona (of course ;)) with my parents. This time we went for an entire week. It was so nice to get away. Me and Cade have not had a full week off together since our Honeymoon 2 years ago!!! We loved it because it was not full of craziness and plans (like our lives normally are). This vacation was all about relaxing and spending time in the sun! We loved it.
This time, since we were there for a week, we decided to drive. Google Maps says it takes 12+ hours to get there from Ogden, now if any of you know Caden, you know he is a little speed demon. We made it there in under 10 hours. Normally I would complain with the speeding (and I did a couple times), but I was just so anxious to be there and having 2 extra hours of vacation was worth it to me :).

Here are some pictures of our drive there-

 We had to make the back of the car super comfy for the dogs just to get them to sit still- to my surprise they did really well

No matter how hot the weather is, You will always find Koda under a blanket. What a silly boy! 

Most of our trip was spent hanging out by the pool and laying out in the sun.

Koda floating around with me :)

We also made dinners at home just about every day. This was really nice for me since I have turned into the pickiest eater (not by choice). For those of you that have been following my annoying stomach issues, I am now "lactose" and "gluten" intolerant. 

We did go shopping at this place called Westgate. They had some cute stores are cute restaurants. We ate at Margaritaville. 

I was starting to get really sunburned, so Cade and I went out one day just the two of us to the mall and went shopping again and went and saw "Rock of Ages". 

Another day we all drove up to Lake Pleasant and spent the day there. It was way pretty, but the beaches were really rocky. Oh and Dave lost his wallet there, it fell in the water- that was no fun at all. 

On our last day we went and visited Caden's sister, Rainie, and her family. We love to spend time with them because their kids are always so excited to see us and they are so cute and funny!! 

Afterwards we went to dinner at this yummy Italian restaurant that was all natural and GLUTEN FREE. So delicious!

Well that was our trip! We had so much fun and came back literally burnt to a crisp from the sun. 

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  1. That looks like a SUPER fun and SUPER warm trip! I am glad you had a good time!