Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Day

This year for Valentine's Day, we decided to celebrate the weekend before hand. We each picked out something we would like to do and decided to split the weekend in half. On Saturday, I wanted to go see "The Vow" and go out to dinner. We went to Bombay Bites, an Indian restaurant. We have been really into Indian food lately and it was soo yummy. "The Vow" was pretty cute, but a total chick flick. Every time I would look at Caden he seemed to be drifting off to La la land while watching it. Luckily he loves me.. :)

The next day, we went to the Dew Tour. This is what Caden chose to do for Valentine's Day. We had a lot of fun up there. It was at Snowbasin, which is only like 15 minutes away from our house (One of the only plus sides to living up in Ogden- being close to the ski resorts, lakes, and many outdoor activities). We got to watch some awesome ski competitions and also got to walk around and look at all the little booths.

As far as gifts go, I thought we had decided not to get each other anything and just spend money of some fun dates. Supposedly Caden thought other wise and ended up surprising me with this... 

Forget the flowers and chocolates, he got me Rocksmith and an electric guitar. This is a game that is supposed to help you learn the guitar. I am so excited he got me this because I have been wanting to learn to play the guitar FOREVER! So happy to be checking this off my bucket list soon :) 

The surprises did not stop there either. Caden also got us 90 minute massages. He works with a massage therapist and was able to get her to come out to our house and give us each massages on Valentine's Day. This was so wonderful and so awesome that I was able to get it in my own house! I felt bad that I did not get anything for Caden, but he kept telling me that he gets equal enjoyment out of both of the gifts he got me (which is true). 

So that was our lovely Valentine's Day! :) 

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